About Us

What is a holon?


HOLONS represent the ongoing Darknet community at large.  We are a group of like minded individuals curious by nature, that learn together, teach each other and have fun while doing it.  A HOLON is a safe place to learn the light and dark arts of all forms of security (eg: physical, hardware, software and network), as well as anything else that piques our interest.


  • We love to learn, teach and play in the technological realm, and create an environment for other to do the same.
  • Holons are autonomous, self-reliant units that possess a degree of independence and handle contingencies without asking higher authorities for instructions. These holons are also simultaneously subject to control from one or more of these higher authorities. The first property ensures that holons are stable forms that are able to withstand disturbances, while the latter property signifies that they are intermediate forms, providing a context for the proper functionality for the larger whole


We are Not:

  • Perfect
  • Experts
  • Full of ourselves
  • Too Elite (a.k.a. 1337) to learn from you


So don’t be:

  • Disrespectful
  • Inconsiderate
  • Criminal/critical
  • Know-It-All


We want to do what hackerspaces did for the maker community but for the security community