With Darknet Industries: Change The Culture, Change The World
With Darknet Industries: Change The Culture, Change The World

Holon Definition

What is a HOLON?

At the https://dcdark.net We have been developing new daemon communities, called Holons. Their goal is to be self-sufficient, using natural energy sources and technologies and creating centers to learn, teach, and play in the technological realm.

Holon organizers  assume no prior knowledge on any given subject, and give everyone the same material as a baseline from which to learn and grow. once an agent has learned the fundamentals of a subject,


They may advance to the next level of proficiency based on their skill and what they have learned.


Our Community mimics an MMORPG, with agents performing tasks to develop skills and gain levels. As agents level up, they gain access to new technologies and receive help from the daemon to advance their communities.


We have created a reputation system which allows you to gain reputation points by completing quests. You can then award these credits as reputation points to other agents whom you found helpful in some way.


By checking an agent’s reputation, you can see what other people have rated their interactions with them.


In the future you will also be able to see the demonstrated skill and community-mindedness.


Holons are autonomous, self-reliant units that possess a degree of independence and handle contingencies without asking higher authorities for instructions. These holons are also simultaneously subject to control from one or more of these higher authorities. The first property ensures that holons are stable forms that are able to withstand disturbances, while the latter property signifies that they are intermediate forms, providing a context for the proper functionality for the larger whole.