Month: October 2017

VPN For The Win!

DEFCON is around the corner!


And now it’s time to be prepping you gear.

Wipe the laptop, phone, tablet, you name it.

Install a fresh copy of the OS, Factory reset, update and patch at home.

After you do so, Make sure to “Forget” you Home Wifi network from your devices.

Otherwise your devices will continue to look for it, leaving breadcrumbs of who you are and where you live.

Now, to talk about making or buying a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Instead of me rehashing what a vpn is, check up the EFF’s definition.

I did personal research and compared a few different implementations.

I am a fan of spinning your own using OPENVPN on a linux box in the “Cloud”.

It really doesn’t matter what service you use. AWS, GODADDY, Digital Ocean, etc….

I have been happy with Digital Ocean, It only cost $5 a month for their base model, to have your own server up and running.

If you want to try them out, Here is the $10 credit link

And there are great step by step guides on how to set it up,

But why do that, when you can get up and running in 5 minutes!

There is a script that helps automate this process,

It’s called OpenVPN road warrior.

It was made by Nyr on github.

But I found this guy who took that and did a few more steps to secure you.

You can check out his comments in his github to see what he changed.

The other route you can take is with a paid for vpn service

One of Holon Members did a case study on a bunch of paid for services, and by far Mullvad was the clear choice.

“BOB” said that he has been using mullvad while torrenting and has never had a problem.

And there is a ton of documentation on how to get it up and running.

When I set up my VPN, I wanted to connect back to my home lab. Most things work just fine in the VPN, but when I try to watch Netflix, it is blocked.

With Mullvad, you won’t have that problem. It’s meant to connect around the world and give you access to an otherwise blocked area.



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