DCDark.net Vision

DarkNet is a radical, egalitarian social order:

it’s the democratization of technology, production, and information.

DarkNet is the organizational side-effect of putting information, technology,

and, ultimately, economic power back in the hands of the producers,

the makers, and the thinkers of the world.

Join us in a gamified learning contest.


We love to learn, teach, and play in the technological realm, and to create an environment for others to do the same.


  • Players take on the role of agents enlisted by our “daemon” chatbot to combat technological threats by learning and applying various skills within the game  
  • Skills include hardware hacking, cryptography, ciphers, RFID cloning, social engineering, and much more
  • Built with open-source software & open hardware
  • The optional hardware kit is sold at the conferences like DEFCON and SCALE; the game is FREE!
  • Inspired by the books Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez

We encourage agents to work together and help each other.